Our Revolution

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We have moved into an era of constant attack: where we are endlessly fighting against hate, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism. Attacks are coming from all angles. Disorientation, fear, and pain are now an everyday reality for millions in our communities.

Banning our Muslim brothers and sisters from entering the country; launching massive raids to deport, incarcerate, and separate millions of undocumented families; expanding private prisons to fill them up with more black and brown bodies; giving more power to local police to racially profile our communities

Every one of these actions has a common denominator: this administration wants to divide us. Based on our immigration status, our skin color, our religious affiliation, or our sexual identity. It is our job to resist. It is our job to say loud and clear: not on our watch. Not in my home. Not in my neighborhood. Not in my community. Not in my movement.

These attacks are coming from all branches of our federal government, and -- because of that -- we must fight to protect each other.

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