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Join #OurResistance Texters and #OurResistance Research teams

Donald Trump’s attack on immigrants, Muslims and people of color, has taken a frightening turn. Since Trump took office, he implemented a ban on Muslim refugees and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have detained and deported hundreds of undocumented Americans.

Donald Trump claims that millions of "criminal" immigrants live among us. He claims that Muslim refugees will endanger us. But this is a lie, designed to give him cover for his racists and xenophobic plans. The immigrants Trump is targeting aren’t “rapists” or “bringing drugs” -- they are people like my friend Lupita, who was separated from her citizen children after living in Arizona for 20 years.

This actions have been hurting people like Jeanette Vizguerra, who has taken Sanctuary in a Colorado church with her three children, after being targeted by ICE for working to feed her family after living 20 years in the U.S.

We need your help ending the attacks on our immigrant neighbors! Sign up now to let us know we can count on you to join our texting team, #ResistanceTexters. In this role you can help mobilize Our Revolution supporters from all across the country to turn out for direct actions to stop deportations!

To get started with the #OurResistance Texting Team, you will need to join our Slack where we will get you onboarded and set you up on Hustle, our texting program that we use. It works as an app on your phone, and on your computer. If the deportation of Lupita in Arizona highlighted anything, it was the dire need for our allies and community members to show up for and resist this injustice.

We also need help on the #OurResistance Research team, where you'll be focused on helping to populate our Sanctuary Communities map with legislative information which will be used to give each Sanctuary Community a score. From there, organizers on the ground in various communities will work to expand protections for the most vulnerable.

If you marched for women’s rights in January and let Donald Trump know that “immigrants are welcome here,” your voice is needed once again. Demand decency and justice for the undocumented community. Sign up to if you’re willing to take action to protect immigrant families and stop the ban, the wall and the raids

We need your help ending the attacks on our immigrant neighbors! This program is just getting started, and we need help in two ways:

A) Sign up now to let us know we can count on you to join our texting team, Text4OR, to support deportation cases and document raids in immigrant communities.

B) Sign up to help us perform extensive legislative research on existing sanctuary cities throughout the country. Don't worry, just like T4OR, we'll be training you and will guide you through every step of the way.

We look forward to working with you on this vital project!

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