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Nina Turner and Jim Hightower Medicare for All Rally! (Volunteer Activity or Meeting)

Fellow Revolutionaries!

Join us at Travis park to demand Medicare for All. With the imminent fall of the Cassidy/Graham ACA repeal bill, now is the time to stand together and demand that they embrace the Senate bill! Senator Nina Turner and Jim Hightower will address the crowd as part of a five-city whistlestop tour of Texas. 

We cannot afford to wait any longer, 28 million Americans are still without healthcare. 

Join us to demand our representatives to do their job and pass#MedicareForAll!

Saturday, October 07, at Travis Park 5PM, at the Monument!

Event Details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1719573771417580/

Featured speakers:

*Rick Trevino
*Amy Vilela
*Jim Hightower
*Nina Turner

Emcee - Our Revolution San Antonio!

Please Join us!

In Solidarity,

Sofia Sepulveda,

Chair, Our Revolution San Antonio Region

Host: Frances Sepulveda
Travis Park (San Antonio, TX)
301 E. Travis
San Antonio
San Antonio, TX 78205

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