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Ranked Choice Voting Presentation -- Your Chance to See RCV in Action! (Volunteer Activity or Meeting)

Our Revolution Concord Area is sponsoring this presentation/workshop about Ranked Choice Voting by Adam Friedman, Executive Director of Voter Choice MA.  We'll test drive the process by holding a mock vote for the MA gubernatorial primary.   Ranked Choice voting is a key reform that makes voting more democratic and ends the "3rd party spoiler" problem.  It's now part the Mass Dems 2017 platform.  We're excited to learn more about it and help spread the word.   Everyone is welcome and the event is free. Start by 7:30, out by 9:00 p.m. We'll be passing the hat during the evening to benefit "Citizens for Voter Choice."

Host: Our Revolution Concord Area
Contact Phone: 978-369-2671
Harvey Wheeler Community Center/Council on Aging (Concord, MA)
1276 Main St. (Route 62) Park in rear lot off Church St.
Concord, MA 01742
Directions: Route 62 between Commonwealth Ave and Church St. Entrance and parking in rear lot off Church St. opposite Highland St. Seven-minute walk from the West Concord commuter rail station.

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