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Our Revolution MD Pre-Livestream Statewide Meeting (Town Hall)

Join fellow activists and supporters from all corners of MD at the first meeting for all OR Maryland supporters, starting at 3:30, before the Our Revolution national live streaming event at 5:00. This event will provide OR MD supporters a great overview of the vital work we've been doing since our start, as well as serving as a meeting for us to convene and discuss next steps. Here is a very brief agenda:

  • Hear reports from leaders in all MD counties
  • Get Maryland Rising assessment of the 2017 MD legislative session
  • Discuss next steps for Maryland Rising

Following our meeting, we will be showcasing nationwide efforts as we kick off the next phase of our national organizing plan. Our Revolution Maryland will be hosting the filming of the event. We’ll be joined by Board members Ben Jealous, former Senator Nina Turner, and former Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, Board Chairman Larry Cohen, and one of Our Revolution’s 2016 group leaders and winning candidates, Representative Mike Connolly, as we discuss the next steps for Our Revolution.

The plan for the State of Our Revolution Livestream is simple:

  • Celebrate our victories, locally and nationally
  • Outline the integral role you and your community will play in building our movement
  • Give local activists like you the resources and tools you need to take immediate action after the livestream
Host: Kyle Machado
Tommy Douglas Conference Center (Silver Spring, MD)
10000 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20903

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210 people have signed up to attend this event
The capacity limit is 750 attendees.