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Rock the Revolution (State of the Revolution Livestream)

Trump threatens our democracy as no president has. With Russian election-help, a dynastic White House, threats to judges and press - he and Republicans dismantle most government that's good for The People.  But, Bernie Sanders fiercely fights. And OurRevolution (OR) backs him, working his/our issues. Join with OR board members in a Livestream from DC, then party and plan with other Activists to form Local OurRevolution Clubs. Start making decisions about your Local Club of OurRevolution.com.

Revolutionary Music and moving videos. The final hour could be (by audience choice) a repeat of the LiveStream or UPDATES on Global Warming. (not the usual basics). For OR, Black Lives Matter, truly matter since we work voting rights, economic fairness and police-justice, we so hope you'll join. We campaign against ICE-overreach. Do read all Bernie's Issues:  https://ourrevolution.com/issues/

Accessible, Ground floor event --"Disabled" ACTIVISTS truly welcome by OR: One group will be led that includes anyone having to work on-line exclusively (because of problems) only at first, by Dorothy, see: http://youpower.democracyforamerica.com/p/ThisCouldHappen  &:  thiscouldhappen.com

Host: Prof Rob and Dorothy Knable
Contact Phone: 916-451-2045 916-451-204
Sacramento City College, Little Theater (Sacramento, CA)
3835 Freeport Blvd
at 12th Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95822
Directions: Sacramento City College is between I-99 and I-5 on Sutterville Rd. Go west from 99 or Go east from 5 - to Freeport Blvd. Go north, past a stop light. Enter 12th Ave, turning right. Speed bumps. Follow 12th Ave. a few blocks into Student Parking which is open and free on the weekends. (Note, the exit from student parking takes you back to Sutterville; So do note direction of travel as you come in, but there are signs.) Performing Arts Center holds the Auditorium and the Little Theater; PAC 106 is on left of auditorium. Please enter quietly after 2 pm. LiveStream may repeat after 5pm.

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