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Coming up on June 13th, there will be a gubernatorial primary race in Virginia — and we have a rare opportunity to elect a progressive champion! That's why we're getting out the vote for Tom Perriello for Governor of Virginia.

Why it matters:The stakes in this election are higher than ever before. Virginia stands at a crossroads – it can either reject the current administration’s hateful rhetoric, or accept it. Tom Perriello is the progressive champion we need to resist the hate and division coming from Washington. Now is the time to not only resist, but boldly offer a better path forward. Tom will fight for a progressive agenda and expand our Virginia values of inclusion and diversity. He will tackle economic inequality, racial injustice, and a rigged democratic system. Together, we can ensure every Virginian – no matter their race, gender, or socioeconomic status – has the chance to succeed.

What Tom Perriello would bring to Virginia as Governor: Across Virginia, Tom has promoted the next generation of ideas bold enough to ensure equal opportunity for all. He is the first statewide candidate in Virginia to run on a $15 minimum wage and two years of free community college, to oppose two dangerous and unnecessary fracked gas pipelines in Virginia, and to pledge to take no money from the big state-regulated monopoly corporations.

As Governor, Tom will fight for Virginia’s working families. Tom has proposed one of the boldest, most progressive economic plans of any candidate for Governor in Virginia's modern history. He is calling for paid family and medical leave and will allow students to refinance student loan debt. These are middle-class investments that will provide the foundation for genuine, long-term inclusive economic growth.

Tom will also fight to ensure justice for every Virginian by reforming our broken criminal justice system, overhauling our partisan gerrymandered map, and defending LGBTQ, immigrants' and women's rights against senseless, degrading attacks. Recognizing that every Virginian deserves a fair shot at life, Tom will invest in our schools as education is the greatest pathway into the middle class, and work to end the opioid epidemic that plagues so many of our communities across the Commonwealth. With Gorsuch joining the Supreme Court and unprecedented federal threats, he will safeguard a woman's right to choose by proposing a constitutional amendment to guarantee it in the Virginia constitution.

Trump’s victory, while disappointing and frightening, has stirred America. Hundreds protested at airports, thousands called their elected officials, and millions marched for women. Around the country, our voices are loud and demand to be heard. Tom cares deeply about bringing politics back to the people, and he will build a new, progressive Virginia.

Interested in learning more about Tom, and what he believes? Click here.

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