Democratic Senators must be bold and join us in the resistance against Trump

Call Your Senator to Tell Them to Use the Full 30 Hours for Debate on Trump's Cabinet Nominees

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Talking Points: What You Can Say About Why the Senate Must Use 30 Hours Debate Time for Cabinet Picks

It's easy to talk to your senator about why they should use the 30 hours of floor debate time for each of Trump's Cabinet nominees. Here are some things you can say.

  • Every hour the Senate delays is one less hour for Trump and his administration to cause more damage to our economy and our values.
  • Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick for secretary of education, was unable to answer simple questions on education policy during her confirmation hearing.
  • Devos' only involvement in government and education to date has been as an ultra-wealthy donor, using her access to state legislators to push for increased public funding of charter schools. Meanwhile, these same schools in her state are producing the lowest test scores in decades.
  • Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for attorney general, was barred from becoming a federal judge by the Senate in 1986, in part because of disturbing racially charged comments he admits to making.
  • Sessions prosecuted civil rights activists in Alabama for helping African-Americans register and vote.
  • Sessions still supports oppressive voter ID laws, and if confirmed, he would be in charge of enforcing the Voting Rights Act for the federal government.
  • Our very democracy is at risk – and we must fight back.
  • Democratic Senators must be bold and stand with the working class and the majority of Americans who reject Trump's vision for our country.
  • There are 1,450 days until Trump leaves office. That means 1,450 days of fighting back against his radical agenda for our nation and the world.
  • Our Democratic leaders should have the backbone to stand up against Trump’s reign of terror.
  • We must fight back for the millions of people being targeted by the Trump administration.
  • Using the full 30 hours of debate time will prolong the confirmation process and give Trump less time to implement his harmful agenda.

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