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Call Voters for Proposition 59

The General Election is less than a month away — and we're reaching out to voters to pass Proposition 59, which would put California on the path toward helping overturn Citizens United.

Citizens United is a Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates of special interest spending in our elections. After Citizens United, spending in federal elections nearly doubled - from $5.3 billion in 2008 to $10 billion in 2012! Spending is expected to double again this election.

We say a corporation is not a person under the law - only a person should have the rights of a person!

A YES vote on Proposition 59 instructs all of California's elected officials at the state and national level to act NOW to pass a 28th Amendment to the Constitution of The United States. An amendment which would overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling, and restore democracy to the US.

Seven times in our history, Americans have passed constitutional amendments to overturn misguided court rulings and the time has come to do so again.

Interested in learning more about Proposition 59, and what it means for California and the country at large? Click here.

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How To Phone Bank For Our Revolution

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