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Call Voters for Marc James Fliedner

On September 12th, the residents of Brooklyn, New York, will be going to the polls to choose their next District Attorney, and Our Revolution is getting out the vote for criminal justice reform leader, Marc James Fliedner.

Marc Fliedner is a civil rights attorney who has served New York for decades, first as the Director of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit, then as the Chief of the Civil Rights Bureau, overseeing the investigations and prosecutions of hate crimes and police misconduct matters.

Mark is particularly concerned with our disastrous, entrenched and profit-driven focus on mass incarceration, our failure to develop adequate mental health and substance abuse treatment alternatives to incarceration, and our tone-deaf response to the distrust between law enforcement and communities of color that persistently undermines criminal investigations and prosecutions. As District Attorney, addressing these issues would be his top priority.

In an election like this, every vote really does make a difference! Get your login info and script from the panel on the right, turn off your pop-up blocker, and join us in fueling the political revolution!

Interested in learning more about Marc James Fliedner, and what he believes? Click here.

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How To Phone Bank For Our Revolution

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