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Call Voters for a Yes on Question 3

On August 8th, the residents of Kansas City, Missouri will be going to the polls, and Our Revolution is getting out the vote for a YES vote on Question 3: a $15 per hour minimum wage initiative.

Our Revolution is proud to endorse a YES vote on Question 3 of the August 8, 2017 ballot in Kansas City, Missouri. This vote would raise the minimum wage in Kansas City to $10 per hour right away and steadily increase to $15 per hour by 2022.

At a time when Kansas City has the highest two-bedroom rental costs in the state of Missouri, when nearly half of Kansas Citians make less than $15 per hour, when our neighbors are working full-time or even keeping multiple jobs yet still living in poverty, and when Kansas City’s children are hungry, this is a moral issue.

Join us in making calls to get out the vote in Kansas City, and send a clear message to the state government that the people of Kansas City need a living wage.

Interested in learning more about Question 3? Click here.

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How To Phone Bank For Our Revolution

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